Don’t Chase Women, Chase Your Dreams

If you’re one of the many guys who has spent some time chasing women, you’ve probably come to realize, it doesn’t work. The paradox of attracting women is:

  • The less you chase women, the more women want you.
  • The more you chase women, the less women want you.

If you want more women, stop chasing women, and start chasing your dreams.

When you have your sights set on something greater than women, when you’re out meeting women, or on a date, you’ll be much more relaxed and care free.

That being said, there is a certain level of skill and knowledge required to be able to attract women, regardless of your dreams. (such as understanding the truth about getting a woman’s numberhaving standards beyond looks, and being able to tell if a women is interested) As you may know, there are plenty of millionaires who do not do well with women, which means chasing your dreams and having money is not a sure ticket to getting women.

However, once you have solid game and a sufficient amount of dating skills, setting your sights on greater goals has a huge pay off with your dating life. Among naturally caring less what women think and being able to get women, you’ll become something that all women crave: a challenge.


Chase Your Dreams, Become A Challenge

Being A Challenge

If you set out to chase your dreams and not chase women, you’ll become so focused and occupied with your goals, that you won’t have much time for women, let alone chasing them.

This makes you a challenge. 

hink about a time when you were incredibly busy.

Maybe a woman text or called you, and you didn’t respond immediately, or maybe even at all. Chances are, she got frustrated and it led her to wanting you more. Because you were more focused on other things aside from women, she began viewing you as a challenge. 

The best part is, you’re being a challenge naturally. You’re not intentionally canceling plans or ignoring calls/ or text’s, you’ll just be so genuinely busy pursuing a life you love you won’t have time.

By putting all your time into chasing your dreams, you unintentionally set yourself up as a challenge, and will have women chasing you. 

Do The Hugh


Hugh Hefner is known for dating some of the world’s most beautiful women and being a true ladies man. He’s lived a life and maintained a career that involves many women, but his life has never revolved around getting women. 

During his infamous parties at the Playboy Mansion he was known for excusing himself from the affair and going to his room to work on his magazine. Despite all of his fame, women, and fortune, his passion for work always came first.

He didn’t base his life upon chasing women.

He based his life upon chasing his dreams.

Most people believe it was his success that brought him women, but it wasn’t. It was his passion, charm and intellect, that attracted women to him. 

If you want more women, just like Hugh, create a life you are passionate about, that doesn’t revolve around getting women. By doing this you’ll feel great about who you are, and attract women naturally. 

Wrapping Up

Again, this is not to say if all you do is chase your dreams women will come. You do still have to go out and at least be in a position to meet women. That being said, if you put your main priorities on your life and dreams, and women as a secondary, you’ll naturally have the attitude and demeanor women find incredibly attractive. 

For anyone beginning to actively improve their dating life, put the time in to approach women and learn what does and does not work. It will pay off tremendously in the future with your dating life.

For those who understand the fundamentals and know a thing or two about attraction, but the women aside and go for your dreams, it will increase your dating success ten fold.

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